Frequently Asked


Is there a cost to nominate?

Nomination is free. If you are shortlisted and decide to proceed to Stage Two, you’ll be required to pay an entry fee. The entry fee includes consideration for your industry list, all special award categories, and your bespoke Best Places to Work benchmarking report. If you are successful in ranking, you’ll also receive a marketing kit to help leverage your achievement. Entry fees are based on your organisation size: 20-99 = $2500 + gst, 100-499 = $3500 + gst, 500+ = $4500 + gst.

I’m not sure whether we should nominate or not?

You won’t know unless you try! Nomination is FREE and if you are shortlisted, the beauty of this competition is that regardless of whether you rank or not on your industry list, you’ll receive a bespoke Best Places to Work report, which will benchmark where you sit on each of the key drivers relative to other entrants. This will give you a great indication of where you need to improve to rank higher next time around – and of course, to create a better place for your employees to work at.

Why don’t you accept companies with less than 20 employees?

It is not a simple task to assess organisations from all industries and all sizes using the same criteria. As much as we would like to open the competition up to all organisations, the assessment criteria does not put small businesses on a level playing field as it looks at things such as organisational structures and processes, as well as having a large enough sample size to analyse the staff survey component. We’re not saying small businesses aren’t great places to work, they just can’t enter this competition.


I’ve lost or can’t remember my portal login

  1. I’ve lost or can’t remember my portal login

If you’ve lost or forgot your submission login details, it’s ok! See below

You can also select the remember me box so they are safe for next time. If you’re still having trouble just contact us on and we’ll help you out.

I want to update our key contact details

You can do this via the submission portal.

First, the entrant who will be assigned the entry will need to have an Award Force account. They can register an account on the portal home page. Then:

  1. Go to Entries > Manage entries
  2. Click on the name of the entry you want re-assign
  3. Click Edit entry
  4. In the Entrant field start typing the name of the entrant and select their name from the drop-down menu
  5. Click Save + close

How many employees need to complete the survey?

Good question. The answer depends on how big your organisation is. Use your overall employee numbers to calculate your minimum response number using the table:

calculate your minimum response number

Withdrawal from the competition

I want to withdraw from the competition. Can I get a refund?

We never like to hear of companies wanting to withdraw! As it is a competition, the entry fee is non-transferrable and non-refundable as per the terms and conditions. However, if you definitely need to withdraw from the competition, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can take you off the regular communications.