Best Places to Work Winners

Introducing the AFR BOSS Best Places to Work list and special award winners!

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With a flat structure environment, no silos, and freedom to plan your work schedule, including working with different people across any state, Bendelta wanted to ensure each person had a sense of home and that no individual was being left behind. To address this, Bendelta created a Pod environment, and every team member belongs to a Pod. The Pods are accountable for advancing individual/Pod wellbeing, potential, and performance and get individual and Pod dashboards quarterly. Pods created individual operating rhythms – when they met and how they operated – with a mandate to share what works well with other pods. The coach and coachee relationship within the Pod creates a 1:1 support relationship and gives each other visibility outside of formal channels. The Pod was incredibly timely with COVID’s physical separation of the team as each Pod had started to unite and look after their Pod’s wellbeing.

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