Best Places to Work Winners

Introducing the AFR BOSS Best Places to Work list and special award winners!

Winning Year(s):

The Ford Motor Company introduced an initiative called The People Co-op. Feedback indicated employees needed ongoing opportunities for their voices to be heard and action to be taken on questions, issues and ideas. The Co-Op structure enables people to send verbatims to the appropriate ‘squad’, which reviews the verbatim and determines the best approach to improve the workplace. For example, employees said they wanted to give back to the community. With the company Christmas party cancelled due to Coronavirus, the Gather & Celebrate squad surveyed staff on using the budget to offer a vehicle to an individual/family/group that’s done it tough or worked the frontline. This competition will run on Sunrise in December. Employees also said they wanted to hear more from senior leaders, so the Communications squad proposed optional weekly company-wide communication forums where employees hear from leaders, raise issues, ask questions, offer feedback, and comment. 76% of staff attend weekly.

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