Best Places to Work Winners

Introducing the AFR BOSS Best Places to Work list and special award winners!

Winning Year(s):

Awards and Accolades:

  • 2021 Best Place to Work - Property, Construction & Transport

After achieving an employee engagement score of 70% in mid-2019, Investa identified an opportunity to improve employee experience and lift engagement levels to help achieve organisational goals. Investa held individual debrief sessions with 13 departments, working closely with employees to understand the results and identify opportunities to improve. The Investa Engagement Action Plan was developed containing 67 items responding to employee feedback, spanning strengths to be leveraged and opportunities for improvement. Investa closely monitored and progressed these to completion in partnership with managers and maintained focus on action areas, holding teams and managers accountable through reporting to the Board, Executives and staff. With a resolute focus on listening to and acting on employee feedback through their Engagement Action Plan, in just 12 months Investa achieved: an 11% increase in employee engagement; scoring 81% against a 70% Australian benchmark; an Employee Net Promoter Score of 96% (‘I would recommend Investa as a great place to work’) and every factor measured on the engagement survey had improved from the 2019 results.

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